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climate controlled

use outside air temp to keep refridgerator cold
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I live in the northeast U.S. where the temperature is close to freezing for several months of the year and always thought it would make sense to have a refridgerator that took advantage of the cold outside air. It would help to locate the fridge on an outside wall of your house, then have a thermostatically controlled heat exchange unit that would use outside air to cool the air in the fridge when the outside temp was low. Of course, when outside temperature was higher, the heat exchange unit would close and the fridge would work normally.
bobk, Jul 19 2001

Metafilter discussion: Why isn't this done? http://ask.metafilt...d-Air-Refrigeration
[jutta, Jan 27 2009]


       We'd do the same thing at the "summer" house in West PA ... for some reason we had to go there for christmas (and there was only a coal stove) Jesus when I tell my grand kids about that I'm going to seem ooooooooold.
futurebird, Jul 19 2001

       Perfect for Northern winters, although I do see the sense in keeping your milk and other perishables outside in the cold, as long as your neighbourhood is relatively respectable.
Heloise, Jul 19 2001

       bobk, zippyanna, when you see the word "fridge" everwhere, it's a natural assumption that it is short for "refridgerator." However, in this case the language has conspired to entrap you. The correct spelling is actually "refrigerator," without the "d." The shortened "fridge" includes the "d" to avoid ambiguity as to pronunciation.
beauxeault, Jul 19 2001

       I often have this thought when it's below freezing outside and my refrigerator is using power. And I don't even live in the coldest part of the country. I hope someone makes one!
paix120, Feb 01 2009


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