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Frouija Board

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A set of magnetic letters like the ones you buy to teach kids to spell, on the front of your fridge.

These ones are individually controllable through some cool circuitry inside the door and some even cooler, miniaturised circuitry in the letter casings.

Spell out really weird messages on your fridge... freak out your significant other... leave nonsensical notes for the police... increase your "weirdness quotient" with your friends.

N.B. Will not necessarily work on glass-fronted fridges unless you opt for the special suction cup system.

UnaBubba, May 21 2012


       Sadly, won't work on my fridge either because the door is non-magnetic stainless steel. I'd like this to be a more general-purpose way of displaying fridge status messgaes - e.g. T-H-E M-I-L-K H-A-S G-O-N-E O-F-F
The "weird messages" aspect of it might be creepier if the fridge is made clever enough to understand existing fridge messages and make small modifications "I L-O-V-E M-U-M-M-Y" becoming "I H-A-T-E M-U-M-M-Y" for example.
hippo, May 21 2012

       Or you could so a fridge with a stretchy front panel, pretend you have the left the corkscrew in the lounge leave friend alone in kitchen, hit the remote and strange and bizarre shapes are made by actuators by pressing against the panel, hit the off switch, return with corkscrew and see if they say anything..
not_morrison_rm, May 21 2012


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