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Better Basketball

5 "final 2 minutes" are better than 1
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We all know that the only exciting part of a basketball game is the final two minutes of a close game. Sure, the other 58 minutes can be an interesting display of skill and sometimes even amount to a mindly interesting back and forth, lead-changing battle. But, the heart only pumps in the last few seconds when every second, shot, and rebound matter.

I propose changing the game scoring. The winner is determined by whichever team can win 3 out of 5 twelve-minute mini-games. The point score resets to 0-0 at the beginning of each mini-game.

With this, spectators are guaranteed at least 3 "final two minutes" in any one game.

randomchance, Mar 27 2003


       Why not final 20 seconds.Even with timeouts,adverts the games will still last 2 hours.
sufc, Mar 27 2003

       I think this is a very interesting idea. Especially given how monotonous b-ball is on tv. All I see is people running with this huge apricot and jumping and dunking it into nets on either ends.   

       Maybe one should bring in wide knee-high baskets.   

       Also, they should try to play with a half inflated ball, maybe put it a bit out of shape a bit too.   

       Wait a minute... I'm describing RUGBY here!   

       Anyway, any idea that makes a really boring sport interesting gets a (+) from me!
joker_of_the_deck, Mar 27 2003

       Knee high baskets?.Rugby.Basket ball and Rugby combined could be interesting.
sufc, Mar 28 2003

       Why not just make basketball into a five minute game?
phoenix, Mar 28 2003

       Rugby players have started to wear more protection over the last few years.Mouth guards, Helmets and some bits of padding.
sufc, Mar 28 2003


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