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Basketball game improvement

fewer free-throws
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Basketballs fans don't watch a game in hopes of seeing lots of free-throws. The current rules allow a team that is losing to foul the opponents and then hope that they miss the free throws so that they get the ball back and score a basket. The last two minutes of a game can take a half hour. And, why should fouling an opponent be a viable strategy anyway? It should always be bad idea to foul an opponent, never good. An easy solution is to allow a fouled player one free throw, and then afterwards his team gets a free inbound pass at half court. After a certain number of fouls in the game, it would be two free throws and a free inbound pass. This would lead to fewer fouls, and more excitement.
shaker, Jun 23 2012


       Despite the fact that basketball is the third-most boring team sport in the world and therefore probably not worth the effort of trying to improve, this would probably help. Bun for effort.
Alterother, Jun 24 2012

       //third-most boring team sport in the world//   

       Now there's a slow race.
ytk, Jun 24 2012

       //why should fouling an opponent be a viable strategy anyway?// [shaker], I don't know if you have any other qualifications, but I'm going to vote for you for NBA commissioner; you have at least one clue, giving you a marked lead over the current holder of that post.   

       Basketball was intended to be a non-contact sport, and when played properly, contact in basketball makes no more sense than contact in chess. The kind of "bang-bang" action in a well-turned baseball double-play is what basketball is supposed to be made of, all the time, on every possession.   

       <unplugs further rant>
lurch, Jun 24 2012

       Really it should be fish or cut bait: fouling is either bad strategy or glorious cheerable bread and butter, like in hockey.
bungston, Jun 25 2012

       Which is undeniably the absolute pinnacle of team sports.
Alterother, Jun 25 2012


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