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Better optometry

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Everyone who wears glasses is familiar with the old CLICK "better or worse?" CLICK "better or worse?" routine. For those that don't wear glasses I won't spoil the mystery. But surely in this day and age there must be a better way than trying to decide if a lense is better or worse, which is often surprisingly difficult to pick. Why not have some sort of laser scanner that can map your entire eyeball, then compute the optimal lense shape from that?
simonj, Dec 10 2008


       Indeed, this is done for some of the high-end laser vision correction procedures.
phoenix, Dec 10 2008

       It should be possible for the discerning optomitrist to distinguish better from worse by looking through the lens in question, through the native lens of the proscpective glasses purchaser, at a structure on the rear of the purchaser's eyeball.
bungston, Dec 11 2008


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