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Anti-advertisement glasses

Prevents corporate manipulation
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Did you know that advertisements have been linked to everything from low self esteem to obesity? Well they have. So how can you prevent yourself being turned from a citizen into a lowly consumer?

Anti-advertisement glasses of course!

These glasses have a small camera embedded in them which scan your surroundings and using image identification technology, compare them to a database of company logo's. Whenever they find a match, they place a neutral image like a landscape over the offending area.

No longer must you fight against a constant stream of images designed to make you feel inferior, or like eating Mcdonalds. Finally you can free yourself from the insidious nature of modern Capitalism! Hoooray! Hooorah! Yippeee!

Eggplant, Sep 12 2009

Boycott_20Adverts First annotation: "What you need are anti-advert glasses!" [jutta, Sep 21 2009]


       That's pretty cool actually. Maybe I can incorporate polarization into my design. The thing with those glasses by themselves, is some corporate propaganda will still find it's way into your malleable mind. Better be on the safe side and ensure you are adequately protected. Prevention is better than a cure!
Eggplant, Sep 12 2009

       Of course! The friendly people at Anti-advertising Glasses Incorporated will leave that logo out of the database. They're on your side you see, and have nothing but your best interest at heart.
Eggplant, Sep 12 2009

       "run over by a Coca-Cola truck" [+]
FlyingToaster, Sep 21 2009


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