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Beware Of Geeks Bearing Gifts

Trojan Horse Packaging
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A bit late for this holiday season, but the sole idea here is for a gift delivery service that packages the actual gift in a suitably sized Trojan Horse
theircompetitor, Dec 29 2021

...and that's why Dave quit working for UPS. https://www.instruc...craft-Trojan-Horse/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 29 2021]

the snakes: https://www.google....12&bih=612&dpr=2.63
Laocoon regrets his fishbone [pertinax, Dec 30 2021]

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       What makes the horse Trojan? As opposed to any other ethnicity of hollow wooden horse?
pocmloc, Dec 29 2021

       The idea specified //a ... Trojan Horse//   

       Do I have to go to Try and get it made?   

       Or is there some entomoloical sense in which it is definied as Trojanthrough a combination of morphological features and /or manufacturing procession?
pocmloc, Dec 30 2021

       What kind of packaging would you use if the present actually was a Trojan horse?
xenzag, Dec 30 2021

       A dolly of course
pocmloc, Dec 30 2021

       //What kind of packaging would you use if the present actually was a Trojan horse?//   

       clearly that's a matryoshka Trojan Horse   

       // Or is there some entomoloical sense in which it is definied as Trojan through a combination of morphological features and /or manufacturing procession?//   

       well, unless it's manufactured by Durex, I think the traditional depiction has a certain kind of braid on its mane
theircompetitor, Dec 30 2021

       //A Horse Trojan would be extra large.//   

       as the maxim states, one can definitely be too old for dick picks, but not for dick jokes   

       this does make me wonder though -- all along, I thought the brand was created for "hidden inside" where's it might just have been horse. Off to the Brands Museum to do some research...
theircompetitor, Dec 30 2021

       It's a very clever brand name. It evokes virility, hidden power, getting into things that otherwise may be difficult, and size while avoiding any negative connotation. (unless, for some reason, someone doesn't like the Greeks)
Voice, Dec 30 2021

theircompetitor, Dec 30 2021

       Not sure why my link got flagged, seems to work for me still.   

       Works for me, and that's with scripts off and adblocker on.
Voice, Dec 30 2021

       I was going to downvote this, but then I saw the snake coming and thought better of it.
pertinax, Dec 30 2021

       This might be a timely warning in Ukraine. Having read that certain remote imaging applications can only pick up certain metals, without knowing their exact purpose, it's not impossible that Russia has filled their amorphous metal containers with extra uncounted soldiers.
4and20, Jan 06 2022

       What about "Geeks Bearing Grifts"? That would conserve the number of 'r's.
pertinax, Jan 06 2022


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