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Make Fortune Giving Away Fortunes

Halfbaked communiqué cookies via queued coolies
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The young man, dressed only in shorts, a wide, conical hat and calluses on his feet, is running through the busy city traffic, pulling a two-wheeled cart. He parks the rickshaw in front of a building, grabs a parcel and sprints up two flights of stairs. As he comes through the door towards the reception desk, curious heads pop up from cubicles and a helmeted, delivery boy backs away in awe and respect. The coolie bows deeply and presents the golden-brown, sweet-smelling packet to the receptionist. With some effort, she breaks open the 8 1/2 X 11 fortune cookie revealing a message, "Sweet words will brighten your day," and beneath it, a love letter to Lucille in accounting.

Other deliveries that day were a summons, "Bad luck will befall you in District Court," a folded pizza, "A stranger will satiate you with salami," and a heavy, six foot cookie that enclosed a stripping samurai, "Beware long, unsheathed weapons of nude warriors."

FarmerJohn, May 09 2002


       Them chips ain't chocolate
thumbwax, May 09 2002

       Ok, a cookie just for number 3.
yamahito, May 09 2002

       Tax refund: "Your uncle replies 'You are too generous'."
Package from Ted Kaczynski: "Your day will end with a bang."
Draft notice: "You will soon be in the best shape of your life."
phoenix, May 09 2002

       Fey with a lisp?   

       Okay, okay, I fixed it (not something I usually do). Viola.
phoenix, May 09 2002

       *Looking around for the instrument.* Eh? Where?
Pseudonym #3, May 10 2002

reensure, May 10 2002

       You will soon be up to your eyeballs in dough... (pastries come tumbling)
RayfordSteele, May 14 2002

       Yes good writing. How'd he get that conical hat on his feet though? Sorry.   

       Two fortune cookies I received consecutively:   

       "Failure is the mother of success."   

       "You are almost there."
hob, Jul 19 2002

       How about "You will either be as snug as a bug in a rug or as smug as a thug on a drug"??
RebelliousFerret, Dec 14 2002


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