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Evil Pet Storm Delivery

Spin-off from the Pet Evil Delivery Service and the Tropical Storm Grain Delivery
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In the film "Magnolia", there is a scene in which frogs fall from the sky - by the millions.

Using the evil pet training services of Pet Evil Delivery Service's Evil Pet Training Department [link], we now launch a business that can be used to make politicians or other public figures think again about their lousy decision of last night.

We train a million frogs (or your preferred, but light-weight, pet) to utter a certain phrase, right before they land on the ground and into the hereafter.

Relying on another innovative technology, the Tropical Storm Grain Delivery [link], we can precisely target these frog-storms.

So, right as the politician or other target steps out of his car he is aerially bombarded by insult-shouting frogs. "We told you to repeal Act 124 bis, but you were so foolhearted as to ignore us, you piece of politician" --- splash!! --- (perhaps a shorter phrase is needed, or something in Spanish, with a revolutionary "rrrrr"-sound, but this can be discussed with the people and the frogs over at Pet Evil Delivery Service.)

Note that this technology may also be used to deliver love messages to people one, eh, loves.

Now, on a final note: in combination with the Grain Delivery Service of Tropical Storm Grain Delivery, one can feed the sent out pets while they are travelling to their target, by sending some grain or pet-food dust along inside the storm. One always has to look for synergies.

django, Jul 01 2012

Pet Evil Delivery Service Pet_20Evil_20Delivery_20Service
We could perhaps use Pet Evil Delivery Services' Evil Pet Training Service [django, Jul 01 2012]

Tropical Storm Grain Delivery technology Tropical_20storm_20grain_20delivery
The second core technology needed to make this start-up work. [django, Jul 01 2012]

Shroombrellas Shoombrellas
They may offer some protection, but only to your shoes. [django, Jul 01 2012]

Fortean Times http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Fortean_Times
It's raining fish, Hallelujah! [UnaBubba, Jul 02 2012]


       Quick Charles, to the Fort!
UnaBubba, Jul 01 2012

       //Quick Charles, to the Fort!//   

       Sorry, but there is no escape from these precision-targetted pet storms. Not even shroombrellas [link] will save you.
django, Jul 01 2012

       These are Forteanate Times. <link>
UnaBubba, Jul 02 2012

       "That's a nice suit you're wearing."   

       <Here, have a complimentary frog.>
UnaBubba, Jul 02 2012

       And here is a complementary tadpole at no extra charge.
AusCan531, Jul 02 2012

       Put it in your lapel. It's raining larva.
UnaBubba, Jul 02 2012

       Tom Cruise is not gay. SPLAT
S-note, Jul 02 2012

       No-one said the frogs would tell lies, did they?
UnaBubba, Jul 02 2012

MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 02 2012

       I like these evil ideas
evilpenguin, Jul 02 2012

       Don't mention whales, please.   

       I asked two very large, masculine-looking women sitting at the main bar at my local, last night, "Are you two ladies from Scotland?"   

       They both said, at once, "It's Wales, you idiot."   

       So I responded, "Sorry, my mistake, are you two whales from Scotland, then?"   

       I was discharged from the emergency department of the Mater Hospital at 9am, a little the worse for wear.
UnaBubba, Jul 03 2012

       //They both said, at once, "It's Wales, you idiot." //   

       Strange - the Welsh are not usually such good judges of character.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2012

       Yes, they speak of you fondly.
AusCan531, Jul 03 2012


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