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Bicycle approaching

Bicycle detector
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I'm looking for something that I can mount on the rear of my bicycle that would alert me to a bicycle approaching from the rear. I saw a proximity device into which you could record a message, but it was unfortunately not suitable. Think of it, the device that could say "#$%@%#%#$ approaching from the rear". That would serve two purposes: A warning to me and a reminder to the guy approaching that he should have given a warning.
stayaway, May 04 2007


       A mirror, but that would mount at the front of your bicycle.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 04 2007

       Silly, that would just be a couple playing cards arranged in the wheels of the 'overpasser' so that each spoke's passage snaps the card(s). This would simulate the sound of a motor-bike, and give you all the notice need.
pathetic, May 05 2007

       Too simple. Now, if each bike had an extended arm holding a playing card that sought out the other bike's wheel...
normzone, May 05 2007

       ...or a divining rod mounted on the handlebars but facing backwards.
xandram, May 05 2007

       How about something like a pedal powered automobile windshield washer squirter that automatically squirts in an arc to the rear every few seconds? The cursing of those behind you would alert you to their presence, especially if you used a noxious fluid. It would work better than a swamp gas generator on a windy day, but not very well in the rain.
nuclear hobo, May 05 2007


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