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better bike gloves

no more shredded hands
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What we need is hevily padded full fingerd bike gloves that wont hinder finger movement, aren't too hot, and wont rip or tear or just plain fall apart. I go through about one pair a month....


       Come up with an invention; describe how you would design and engineer such gloves. You are in the position to do that as you are the person who is going through the gloves.   

       Just writing a rant isn't very helpful, though, and that's all I get out of your posting.
bristolz, Oct 24 2002

       Ask one of your courier buddies, i'm sure they have the answer,pretty ingenious those guys and gals,iv'e seen a bike covered in old plastic parts of barrels just to keep the wind off with water bottles over the throttle,brake and clutch to keep your hands warm.   

       but you didn't need to know that did you...try kevlar.
skinflaps, Oct 25 2002


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