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bicycle anti-vehicle defense mechanism

method of identifying and getting even with bad drivers
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in other postings I have seen the term "car-dooring"- in Toronto we call it the "door prize" but all over the world there are drivers who stop or park in bike lanes and force us out into the middle of the road. Bike couriers have developed mad skills of horking (expelling phlegm at high velocity) onto the windshields of offenders, but others are too reserved (or afraid of retaliation) for this. For those I propose:

Mount a can of dayglo orange permanent spray paint on the rear wheel of your bike, perhaps camoflaged in a pannier. connect a cable, much like a cable release for a camera, that when the other end is pressed at the handlebars causes the spray paint valve to be pressed and a stripe is painted on the side of the offending vehicle.

It is unlikely that you will be seen doing this and the driver will receive an indelible lesson that they should not endanger bicyclists by parking in the bike lane.


       hhhmmmm......well, i like!!! i am all for letting the underdog have their day!! although this could be very misused...but i guess so could anything.
babyhawk, Dec 26 2003

       An interesting idea, but it removes cause from effect. You need a device that spraypaints "Please don't hog the bike lane" on the car as you pedal past, then they know what they've done wrong.   

       You may as well take it a step farther and round it out for cars as well. Being able to spray "Please don't tailgate" on someone's car as they drive past would be popluar.
phoenix, Dec 26 2003

       i like that too......"please learn to drive", "please get off the phone", "please use your turn signals", etc.... i like the added irony of spray painting the word 'please' on someone else vehicle
babyhawk, Dec 26 2003


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