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Bicycle blower

A method for assisting bicycle riders
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A 6ft square duct has fans at the entrance and exit, which are ducted down to join the pipe at an angle at the roof. The duct can be made from polycarbonate or perspex.
Air is blown/drawn down the pipe at about 10mph, giving a cruising speed of about 25mph.

A bicycle enters at one end and is assisted in travelling to the other end.
Uphill sections are boosted by installing a looping air duct, and extra fans at the inclined section, so that local area has increased air speed.

Photoswitches are used to detect the entrance of a rider, and time the operation of the fans to save energy.
To save more energy, the opposite direction duct takes some of the exhaust from the other duct.
Ling, Apr 17 2004

Critique of Bicycle Transportation Systems "bicycle tunnel with tailwinds" proposal. http://www.bikexprt...facil/biketrans.htm
already been thought of [FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       My plans to with the tour de France dont seem so far fetched at all...
Cunninglinguist, Apr 17 2004

       Too good to be novel. Or hard cover for that matter.   

       This could easily be incorporated into tunnels, which aready must have ventilation systems. The adjacent bike tunnel would be part of the ventilation system, with fresh air carrying bikers along before the air enters the main car tunnel.   

       There would be a screen so the bike was not propelled into the main car tunnel along with the air.
bungston, May 13 2009


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