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Bicycle Highway

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I live in sunny San Diego. I would like it very much if they would make a bicycle highway. It would be best if these highways were elevated, so no matter where you were going, you would be going downhill -- elevator stations would be necessary. They have bike lanes already, but you have to navigate stop lights and watch out for drivers who don't see bicycles -- which is most of them. I think it would encourage people to take environmentally friendly transit and to get exercise. I think it could be pretty cheaply done too because bike highways wouldn't have to support much weight.
EdisonsTwin, Jul 13 2006

Highways_20for_20Cyclists [xaviergisz, Jul 13 2006]

(?) "A State of Fear" http://www.wundergr...ion/stateoffear.asp
Michael Crichton [Ling, Jul 13 2006]

Rails to trails http://www.railtrails.org/
Making bicycle highways near you... if you give them large enough sums of money. [ye_river_xiv, Jul 13 2006]

[Edison'sTwin], I too live in San Diego - can we hang an additional lane on your downhills? Land_20luge_20commuter_20lanes
[normzone, Jul 15 2006]

(?) Elevated Bicycle Highway http://www.cs.helsi...ieno%20pyoratie.JPG
Somewhere in Europe [Pellepeloton, Sep 17 2006]

Biketrans elevated bikeway invention http://www.biketrans.com
uses airflow to keep you going [pashute, Mar 31 2008]


       //I would like it very much if they would make a bicycle highway// is pure WIBNI. The elevators idea is one I had a while ago, and it's the only invention part of this. How about some sort of giant escalator or paternoster arrangement, in which case getting on and off would be tricky - a graded ramp, where you aim for the spot where the ramp and lift line up? Maybe a series of flashing lights or pacer rabbits, which allow you to time your entry precisely.
spidermother, Jul 13 2006

       An angled conveyor would work well. Just ride straight onto it, and stop pedalling if you like. Apply brakes and stop, or ride uphill slowly. Start pedalling just before the end of the conveyor.
Ling, Jul 13 2006

       not very economical
Cuit_au_Four, Jul 13 2006

       //not very economical// <cough> halfbakery </cough>. Besides, in what sense is the current system economical? Cleverly designed lifting apparatus could expend little more than the gravitational potential energy imparted to the cyclist, so you're doing away with the waste due to carrying an engine around with you.   

       Other ideas: use a ferris wheel or ski lift format. Personally, I'm enjoying the mental images of increasingly daring entries and exits to the paternoster.
spidermother, Jul 13 2006

       It's a worthy suggestion, but we've been here before and it's also baked in parts of Europe, especially Holland - America, is too busy causing more global warming to notice.   

       //not very economical// - tell that to the folk who are facing starvation in the Horn of Africa, due entirely to Global Warming.
xenzag, Jul 13 2006

       //due entirely to Global Warming//
See link. There are some that might disagree (I am not referring to myself, however).
Ling, Jul 13 2006

       bun. [+] Not sure about the elevator bit though.
monojohnny, Jul 13 2006

       There's an organization called "Rails to Trails" that converts old railroads into trails. Many of them become bicycle paths, since the size is about right. They're active in America, and probably elsewhere. [Link]   

       I'm not sure how raising the bike paths would allow you to go downhill all the time. Maybe this is sort of like the snow covered dirt path that my father walked to school uphill both ways on.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 13 2006

       The rails to trails thing is good, but having elevated bike highways also makes it so the cycleist does not have to deal with cars -- even at intersections. Also, I was envisioning it as running between major commuter routes in a city. If there was no stopping at all and downhill, I think it could be even faster than driving. As to Ye's comment, yes, I suppose it couldn't be downhill all the way. At some point the cyclist might have to catch another elevator up.
EdisonsTwin, Jul 14 2006

       Instead of bicycles I use a 4-wheel kick scooter which can be ridden on footpaths in many countries I have been to. Then with some local knowlwdge I use public transport to take me up the hills and just coast down the hills using either road or the footpath depending on my speed. In Wellinton NZ I know a lift which is also used by bicycle couriers to go to upper street and save pushing the bicycle uphill. When I was living in Queenstown, NZ, I was able to take the cable car up 500m and ride my mountain bike downhill from there. They have since discontinued the service but maybe you can take your folding MTB in a bag up with you?
Pellepeloton, Sep 17 2006


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