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Bicycle-Mounted Automatic Cursive Chalk Writer

Machine to write a message in chalk on the ground while a cyclist rides
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Two-axis actuators capable of moving very quickly and controlled by a small programmable integrated circuit hold a piece of chalk to the ground behind a bicycle. The assembly attaches as a cargo rack does, and includes a shock system to maintain chalk contact with the ground and a ledge-bar that lifts the assembly up when the cyclist goes over a bump that could damage the system.

The computer reads the speed of the ground from a standard magnetic wheel-rotation counter, then decides how fast to move the chalk left, right, forward and backward to write letters in sequence. "Eat at cool joe's" ?

Ketchupybread, Nov 15 2008

Relevant 'baking and info. Advertishoes
Here is a similar idea for shoes, by none other than [UnaBubba]. A link on his idea, the tricycle one, shows a bike that writes messages with imprints from the tires. It seems your chalking outfit may be here to stay. [daseva, Nov 15 2008]

This one goes to eleven. Graffiti_20Steet_20Cleaner
Could have also been titled 'Pimp my StreetCleaner'. [daseva, Nov 15 2008]

Dot-matrix version http://www.bikesagainstbush.com/
Ignoring the politics, this is an implementation that uses spray chalk in a dot-matrix fashion to write messages. [Srimech, Nov 15 2008]


       That's very good. Presumably the message is typed in beforehand and the rider just hits a button at the appropriate moment. Dotting 'i's and crossing 't's would be fun
Mony a Mickle, Nov 15 2008

       Very high tech, all these actuators and such. A unicyclist with some duct tape and a lot of practive could do just as well. Has this been brought up before? Apparently not? +
daseva, Nov 15 2008

       //a piece of chalk//
Unless you're just signing your initials, you need a crate full. As each is worn away, a new piece of chalk drops into place. And when you're down to the last one, it could write "please help, need chalk".
Amos Kito, Nov 15 2008

       Perhaps a support bicycle could follow, feeding chalk in on a belt.
Srimech, Nov 15 2008

       I like the fact that it writes instead of printing.
wagster, Nov 15 2008

       You'd probably need 2 or even 3 print heads. Have a look at some cursive writing. as you scan the print plane from left to right, there will often be two, or even three lines at a given location. <Think about it, as you write, there is some movement of the pen tip from right to left, in forming loops, etc.>   

       Solve this with multiple print heads, otherwise your chalk will need to be able to trave very quickly indeed.   

Custardguts, Nov 16 2008

       There definitely needs to be a separate chalk that drops down just to dot i's. Or maybe a mini paintball gun.
phundug, Nov 17 2008

       It would be cool if you could hook it up to a program to design multi-layered/colored patterns as a visualizer linked up with an mp3 player that you would play through mounted speakers.   

       Brain orgasm
Jerk, Nov 18 2008

       Watch your P's and Q's if you're going to cursive in public.   

       + good show!
xandram, Nov 18 2008


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