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Bicycle child seat and bike rack

For those times when you have bitten off more than your child can chew
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I love cycling, so does my wife and my kids are getting into it too. Unfortunately their staying power and energy doesn't match my grand schemes - wimps.

Here in Japan they have all sorts of attachments to bicycles, umbrella holders, child seats that morph into baskets, but nothing for the over zealous father who has pushed their offspring too far and can't stand the whining voices any more.

I propose a chair attachment with a bike rack attachment, attached.

The unruly, underachiever will be plucked off their, now surplus to requirements, bicycle and placed in the comfort of the chair. The bike will be strapped to the rack behind the chair, and the ride continued.

I am toying with the idea that the front wheel and handlebars should be left swinging, occasionally sideswiping the child. Thus reminding them that it might be a good idea to get back on their bike once they have had their rest, I don't want them to get too comfortable. I am that stage in my life when I carry my own excess ballast and don't need more...

Captain Pugwash, Jul 21 2013

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       [Captain]!!! Long time no sea!
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2013

       Perhaps all you need are swivel/locking training wheels, and a way of attaching a kid's bike so it is pulled by another bike. Then the tired kid can stay seated on a bike, and you only need do modest extra work to pull a train of kids' bikes.
Vernon, Jul 22 2013

       I read the subtitle as: For those times when you have bitten off more of your child than you can chew.
xenzag, Jul 22 2013

       // can't stand the whining voices any more //   

       Is this the child, or are the voices inside you head ? We ask merely for clarification ...   

       Would it not be better to carry a folding "Child Rack", thus encouraging greater effort by the youngster upon pain of ... well, pain ?
8th of 7, Jul 22 2013

       Isn't the //child rack// banned under the Geneva conventions? Or do such niceties not really apply here?   

       And as for the voices, they certainly sound like children. As the saying goes, if it looks like a child and quacks like a child. Need I say more?
Captain Pugwash, Jul 23 2013

       // Isn't the //child rack// banned under the Geneva conventions? Or do such niceties not really apply here? //   

       Based on past performance, observance of the niceties of international treaties has never been a notable trait of the Japanese nation ...
8th of 7, Jul 23 2013


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