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Bid for concert tickets

Develop an Internet bidding system for concert tickets
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To bridge the gap between premium seats and scalper's prices, concert venues have dramatically raised prices for premium seats. They have not however adjusted the cheap seats accordingly. Most concert seats are not even close to acceptable in terms of sound quality. Big screens have made most seats able to view the action but sound systems and acoustics have lagged far behind. I have paid $50 to sit in the top rows of auditoriums where $10 would have been too much to pay. The solution might be to move the ticket sales to an Internet bidding process. Seats would be assigned a minimum and maximum value. The front 20 rows might start at $50 and go as high as $300 or more. Averaging this out with the cheap seats would bring their price range down to say $5-$20. At any time you can offer the maximum and lock in your seats. Instead of 4 tiers of pricing you might end up with hundreds of different prices. This might also eliminate the frantic calling sessions when tickets go on sale. Everyone would place their bids and then the seats would be assigned. If too many people wanted too few seats it would go into a lottery mode.
uneekware, May 02 2002


       This kind of thing was also a "big idea" during the internet investment boom.
Aristotle, May 02 2002

       I went to the DMB site. Not much there except they ask for $30 to join fellow devotees that have the right to first dibs on concert tix. Not my idea at all and seems like a rip.
uneekware, May 02 2002


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