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CAT5: The Musical!

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Thanks to some ambiguous typography on the posters, only after people had taken their seats and the lights had dimmed would they realise they were about to sit through a 3-hour musical about ethernet cabling.
hippo, Nov 07 2013

A related project - RS232 Interface Lead http://www.youtube....watch?v=CDlj0jBtYmQ
not available in the shops [Loris, Nov 07 2013]

halfbakery: the musical halfbakery_3a_20the_20musical
thumbwax, Jul 04 2002 [8th of 7, Nov 08 2013]


       Scene 1: "Hey have you heard about this new Cat6 stuff? (singing) Iiiiiiiits traaansmission, performance, is simply, enormous its insertion loss is lower making cat5 that much slower, better signal, to noise, is a feature it enjoooooooyyyyyys... oh it's Cat6 cabling for me!"   

       "In other news, 'CAT5: The Musical' set a Broadway record for quickest closing musical shuttering its doors about halfway through the first song."   

doctorremulac3, Nov 07 2013

       This must be implemented immediately.
8th of 7, Nov 07 2013

       I think I'm going to pass this one up and go see H41R instead. A viral campaign I saw advertised it...
RayfordSteele, Nov 07 2013

"White and orange - Orange!
White and green - Blue!
White and blue - Green!
White and brown - Brown!"
hippo, Nov 07 2013

       Will the sequel be CAT6, or fibre channel ... ?
8th of 7, Nov 07 2013

       The sequel is of course, Schrödinger's Cats: The musical you have to see to believe!
theircompetitor, Nov 07 2013

       //Will the sequel be CAT6, or fibre channel ...//   

       5e,6,7. It'll go on and on...
bs0u0155, Nov 07 2013

po, Nov 08 2013

blissmiss, Nov 08 2013

       This seems to possibly have been inspired by one of my annos....
xandram, Nov 08 2013

       Halfbakery: The Musical!
RayfordSteele, Nov 08 2013

       ... On Ice !   

       But where will it all end ? After enduring "Silverlight Express", Annie get your GNU" and "RAIDers of the lost Archive", surely the market would saturate ...   

       // Halfbakery: The Musical! //   

       You're a trifle behind the curve with that one, [Ray] ...   

8th of 7, Nov 08 2013

       Run for your Wifi
DenholmRicshaw, Nov 08 2013

       [xandram] Yes, that's right - I knew it was from someone's annotation but couldn't remember whose. The idea came from you writing "CATS" in capitals. Anyway, feel free to bask in the reflected glory of my buns (not a euphemism).
hippo, Nov 08 2013

       //'.. On Ice !//   

       On Pykrete surely?
AusCan531, Nov 08 2013

       I thought maybe it would be about a big hurricane, but I like your idea better
smendler, Nov 09 2013

       No, you're thinking of the one about the big earthquake: "Mercali on 34th Street"
8th of 7, Nov 09 2013

       [hippo] I came back to give you a big bun and a thanks for using my capital letters as an inspiration. [+] (I had to leave the hb quickly at that time I was writing as I was under surveillance from the boss) haha
...truly a gem!
xandram, Nov 09 2013

       Riverdunce.... an idiot comes on stage and dances in a shallow river, stamping up and down and splashing dirty brown water in every direction.
xenzag, Nov 09 2013

       Yeah I remember that one. Too bad the best songs were scrubbed.
RayfordSteele, Nov 10 2013

       ...the audience sat through the 80's-style breakdance number "Crosstalk", but started to beat down the locked auditorium doors during the rousing love ballad "802.11b/g"...
hippo, Nov 11 2013

       "Wherever I lay my ^, that's my ~"
" on the range, where the port and the tcp play."
Zeuxis, Nov 11 2013

       Bound to be a hit on Broadbandway, in The Big Apple ...
8th of 7, Nov 11 2013

       Just wait until the inter-mission.   

       Solar power computer in need of a reboot?   

       Midnight Not a sound from the pavement Has the moon lost her memory? She is smiling alone In the lamplight The withered leaves collect at my feet And the wind begins to moan   

       Memory All alone in the moonlight I can dream of the old days Life was beautiful then I remember The time I knew what happiness was Let the memory live again   

       Every street lamp Seems to beat a fatalistic warning Someone mutters and the street lamps gutters And soon it will be morning   

       Daylight I must wait for the sunrise I must think of a new life And I mustn't give in When the dawn comes Tonight will be a memory too And a new day will begin   

       Burnt out ends of smoky days The stale cold smell of morning A street lamp dies, another night is over Another day is dawning   

       Touch me It's so easy to leave me All alone with my memory Of my days in the sun If you touch me You'll understand what happiness is Look, a new day has begun
popbottle, Nov 12 2013

       Next up: Terminator: Coaxial.
RayfordSteele, Dec 04 2014

       One of the most beautiful posts to ever appear on the HB.
doctorremulac3, Jun 17 2023

       Thanks Doc!
hippo, Jun 22 2023


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