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Bidirectional theaters

Parents face forwards, kids backwards
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When I was a little whippersnapper, my parents used to take up to a drive-in theater that had screens all the way around the parking field. With a little planning - I think the theater helped - we could find a grownups' movie playing across from a kids' movie, so that my brother and I looked out the back window (with our own speaker) and my parents watched their movie in the front seats.

With modern sound technology - headsets for all, if nothing else - seated theaters could work similarly. On one screen, Babette's Feast; on the opposite wall, Beauty and the Beast. A double slope to the seats would help - a crease running diagonally through the room, I think. Parents with babes-in-arms sit along the ridge, with the infants looking over their shoulders or in reverse-facing seats behind their own. Babes out of arms sit on the children's slope, where there parents can crane around and look at them. Adults without children sit on the adults' slope and irritate each other.

hello_c, Sep 27 2000


       Except when tots see Scary Things and howl. Also, doesn't separate the gigglers from the snogglers as neatly.   

       Easier to build, though.
hello_c, Sep 27 2000

       Why not just show Bambi in a Pornoshootemup-carchaseinspacehorrorthriller?
thumbwax, Sep 28 2000

       ...or shove up to N movies per screen and issue special glasses polarized to only view a specific movie. "I sneezed and Bambi suddenly became Godzilla and then an interesting adult entanglement; I then held my head at an uncomfortable angle for the next 25 minutes." :)
jetckalz, Sep 28 2000

       Have you seen thoes 3-d movies with the flickering glasses? They alternate right eye left eye views and the glasses shade the eyes so each only sees every other frame. What if both eyes were shaded every other frame? Then you could show two movies on the same screen. Just build headphones into th glasses and you'd be set to go!
wrenchndmachine, Sep 28 2000

       Almost any 3D-technology can be adapted to this, one should think. (If you're happy with B&W, one of you could wear red glasses, the other green, and so on.)   

       If we show two different movies to two people sitting next to each other, maybe we can get them to interact by giving them bits of script and instructions.   

       The older teenage sibling gets a horror movie, while the younger kid gets a few short cartoons and precisely timed instructions on when to suddenly grab their elder sibling's neck and scream.
jutta, Sep 28 2000

       Oo, or do something slimy with a half-sucked Red Whip. Oo. Oo ick, that would work.
hello_c, Sep 28 2000


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