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A blatant inversed rip off.
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If like me you wait ages for that Blockbuster film to come out, miss the 2 weeks it is on, and then never see it until its on the BBC, then you need BookMeA Film.com.

BookMeAFilm.com would be a list of all Cinemas and all Films still in production. You would chose you Cinema and film and the site would then email the Cinema with your film request. In turn the Cinema would email you with the dates the film would be shown or a declined note if it would never be shown in the next 6 months, say. If the film was being shown you would then have the option to book tickets.

In this way you would see the films you wanted and the Cinema could book films to show based on advance requirements, negating the five poeple in a two thousand seater that you sometimes get. Plus you might even get a chance to see non-mainstream films that don't normaly make it out of London.

eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 25 2009

Credit. FilmMeABook_2ecom
[goodmars, Mar 25 2009]


       lol, that was the name i had originally, too!
goodmars, Mar 25 2009

       It would be nice to be able to book the first showing within a certain radius of your residence of a film still in production. No specific cinema is specified, flat rate paid covers unknown ticket price even a couple years in the future if necessary.
Spacecoyote, Mar 25 2009


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