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Big Gym

Appear to have superhuman strength while exercising.
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A gym where everyone appears to be incredibly strong even though they aren't. All the weights are huge and appear to be very heavy but actually are within the normal range found in regular gyms. Some appear to be cast iron, like the round barbells that strongmen lifted in circa 1900 circuses, and labeled at 10 times their actual weight. But there are more than just standard free weights. You can lift fake cows and horses that look real. You can arm wrestle gorillas and win. You can leg press cars into the air. Treadmills would be stationed beside video screens to make you appear to be running up to 100 miles an hour, racing horses and even cheetahs and winning. Stationary bikes would let you beat stock cars. Harnesses and computer controlled lifters would let you jump 40 feet into the air doing flips and karate and aerobics. You could get your exercise while having a great time. Everyone could opt to put on a muscle suit making them appear to have huge muscles. The suits would act as body coolers to allow people to shed their excess body heat while exercising. They could contain something with a high heat capacity like gel, and be kept in refrigerators. Or they could be made of material with high heat conductivity like perforated, metalized plastic sheeting over plastic frames making the "muscles". What would be more motivating than to look stronger than Schwarzenegger while you hoist a tractor over your head with one hand?
wannano, Oct 24 2001

Nerd Gym http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/nerd_20gym
old school idea. [AfroAssault, Oct 24 2001]


       Could work well with jutta's "Nerd Gym." See link.
AfroAssault, Oct 24 2001

       Without the muscle suits, people wouldn't look bigger, they'd look smaller compared to all the gigantic props and larger distances. I like this.
jutta, Oct 24 2001

       This is a remarkably good first idea. Whenever we get around to that newbies' guide that frequently pops up, maybe we should get wannano to write it.
beauxeault, Oct 24 2001

*obligatory Sparki every TD&G post*
(lifts beauty shop)
I think this is friggin' great, where do I sign?
thumbwax, Oct 25 2001

       Very good. People should also be allowed to wear superhero outfits at this gym. Croissantified.
hippo, Oct 25 2001

       Just discovered this idea now. The text is appropriately paragraphless because it is 100% pure idea. Terrific :) !
phundug, Mar 09 2006

       this would be fun, especially if you're the fat kid in school or something. Your pals see you and then Schwarzenneger says "he's vith me"
craziness, Mar 09 2006


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