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Big Shaolin Drunken Brother

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Spice it up I say.

One particular television channel which is dedicated to the live broadcasting of a fully furnished destructible household. Which in turn the viewers can observe the skills and tomfoolery of several "drunken Shaolin Monks"

Possible afternoon or evening entertainment, could include counting the remaining and intact cameras, observing the destruction of furniture and surroundings with special reference to the bar and pool areas.

For those that have the interactive "red button" upon the TV remote, press it. Thus joining the vote to evict a selected house monk /member of your choice.

Interactive green button ?

If enough viewers have pressed this button a drum of electric soup is delivered to be shared throughout the Shaolin house.

The bringing forth of a gong fu anticipatory repudiation within the Big Shaolin Bro's room should surely get things kicking and screaming.

skinflaps, Aug 08 2005

Drunk? http://www.earthwor...m/shaolin/img_6.jpg
Nah..Just "BSDB" [skinflaps, Aug 08 2005]

Electric soup http://www.geocitie...arlsbergspecial.jpg
or as it is known within certain parts of the UK. Special Brew [skinflaps, Aug 09 2005, last modified May 23 2006]


       No thank you.
zeno, Aug 08 2005

       please email me a translation in exchange for a flakey bun.
po, Aug 08 2005

       I think the Shaolin temple wouldn't take kindly to this. But if the idea is just to see martial artists break everything in a house, it might be entertaining for about 5 minutes.
5th Earth, Aug 08 2005

       The breaking would be entertaining, as well as the confrontation the next morning after one monk has destroyed the house.
Worldgineer, Aug 08 2005

       \\a fully furnished destructible household\\ This had me thinking of a Big Brother house where selected objects are filled with explosives. That would have gotten a bun. This doesn't. I think [skinflaps] just wants to see some drunk kung-fu action.
hidden truths, Aug 08 2005

       The adherents of the discipline (is that like a dervish labor union?) would have this show yanked before you could say "I think not". -
reensure, Aug 09 2005

       Maybe so, however even 60 seconds of this would have to be more entertaining than watching a bunch of people sleeping on inflatable or gonflable furniture in a garden.   

       No, I don't watch it.
skinflaps, Aug 09 2005

       //inflatable or gonflable // What's the difference (apart from the French accent)?
coprocephalous, Aug 09 2005

       Depends on where they were made and who's shouting the instructions at the person with their foot on the pump.
skinflaps, Aug 09 2005

the fiddler, Mar 22 2006

       chuan fa?
skinflaps, Mar 23 2006


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