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Criminal Big Brother

A gruesome twist on the Big Brother format
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This show would be quite similar to the current format, the difference being that contestants are taken from Death Row and rather than being 'kicked out' of the house, the contestant would be executed on live television. The prize would be a pardon, or at least transfer to some minimum security unit (or they kill them anyway.) The contestants could be made to perform much more outrageous tasks, and for a bit of variety the executions could be different every week, getting worse as the show went on- lethal injection, electric chair, incineration, drowning in cockroaches, you get the idea... The contestants would have to be strapped down as the results of the voting was read out, to prevent any killing rampages, etc.

Alternatively the whole thing could just be a fake using actors- people would watch it either way.

rjo666, May 05 2001


       Oh, I thought you meant have a judging panel of career criminals to evaluate and critique my own misguided ideas. That would be cool, but I wouldn't watch this show due to the fact that the original big brother was moronic. Change the format slightly to criminal fear, and I'd watch that.
reensure, May 05 2001


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