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Bike Saddle Harpoon

End Bicycle Thief Misery
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Sits invisibly in the down tube beneath the saddle. Powered by compressed air in a tank that is punctured as the thief puts his weight on the saddle. This fires the harpoon up through the seat thus attaching said thief to his booty by his booty! A nice barb should keep him properly in place even as the bike keels over. Apologies for the sadistic nature of this device but I HAVE JUST LOST TOO MANY BIKES TO THESE BASTARDS!!!!
Arnold Grunchfuttock, Apr 03 2006


       Sadly, I have read about this somewhere; I think it was here at the HB, I think it was deleted.   

       I say no. How does it distinguish between friend or foe? How do you prevent accidental triggering? What happens if you try to bunny hop, and it fires?   

       It's not cost effective, either. Bike lock=5$.
DesertFox, Apr 03 2006

       Everybody who has had a bike stolen thinks up this system, and realizes it is dangerous to the owner in two ways. It might go off accidentally. If it worked to perfection, a bike that is identifiably yours is permanently attached to a person who is now a victim of your cruelty. (Not that I think you are being cruel to bike thieves, but the courts would think you were.)
baconbrain, Apr 04 2006

       //It's not cost effective, either. Bike lock=5$//   

       $5 bike lock in London would do fuck all.
daaisy, Apr 04 2006


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