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Car Tag

Spectator motor sport.
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This new spectator sport would be played in an arena.

Two contestants are positioned side by side but facing opposite directions, driver eye-balling driver, engines racing, clutch feet poised.

Behind each car is tied a length of rope, about 25 feet/ 8 metres in length with some disposable object tied to the end. Maybe a sack of old tin cans or something equally harmless.

There would be a minute or two for the drivers to exchange comments on family history then at the starter's signal they would be off.

The object of the exercise is to drive over and therby detach the apponent's 'tail'.

This is not a sport that could be won just by mere horsepower, it would also require manouverablility and a good deal of skill.

A dusty or muddy arena might be best!

KiwiJohn, Feb 23 2004


       This is a great idea. It would be indeed very challenging to put a wheel over the competitors "tail" and tear it off.   

       I wonder, with only two vehicles in the arena, if the heat would just become a case of one car chasing the other. Maybe there should be more cars?   

       Perhaps the weight at the end of the rope should be a flat plate of some sort so that it would be less likely to get caught up in the undercarriages.
bristolz, Feb 23 2004

       And maybe the tail should be substantially shortened to make it more difficult for the challenger to time his pass and detach it, more like catching a flag in flag football, as opposed to stomping on a long trailing rope. And maybe there could be immobile obstacles, barriers, pits, water hazards, hills and jumps to maneuver around, hide behind, and utilize on the course, after the drivers have made their first pass. And maybe, if an opponent *tags* (or touches) the other car before detaching the tail, he either loses points or is automatically disqualified, like in eight-ball pool.
jurist, Feb 23 2004

phoenix, Feb 23 2004

       [KiwiJohn]- this is a copy of a mini-game in fusion frenzy for the XBoX.
SystemAdmin, Feb 23 2004

       A copy of something for the XBoX? Not a copy, maybe a coincidence.
KiwiJohn, Feb 23 2004

       Birstolz, It might become a case of one car chasing the other but in that situation the 'tails' would swing out and only by breaking the circle could a driver hope to catch the other's tail.   

       A flat plate might only be a good idea if it could be relied on to always lie flat on the ground, if it started to tumble it might be a hazard.   

       Jurist, yes, I think it could be a non-contact sport, maybe something for your next village gymkana?
akubra, Feb 23 2004

       This may well be the best possible use for the car. +
stilgar, Jun 24 2007

       Sounds awesome! Like autocross, but different.   

       I like the idea of the handicap system.   

       Just make sure anyone causing contact is severely punished and there's a good judging system.
Skrewloose, Jan 13 2009


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