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Bicycle Walker

Eliminate awkward maneuvering.
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I ride my bicycle everyday to work and back. The last hundred feet or so is across a sidewalk where I must dismount and walk the bike to its parking area. I find that nothing is more awkward than walking a bicycle. For stability, both hands are best kept on the handlebars, yet to accomplish this requires walking so close to the bike that the pedals ram into your achilles heel, taking off the skin in the process. I want a bike walking attachment. A bar could be attached with a clamp and swivel across the handlebars. When you dismount, the bar swings up and locks into position extending to the side of the bike. One could then push using this bar at a comfortable distance from the nasty pedals.
riromero, Nov 15 2004

An alternative solution http://www.gaerlan....s/pedal/pedals.html
Folding pedals, quick release pedals. [half, Nov 16 2004]

Treadmill bike http://www.bikeforest.com/tread/index.php
power a bicycle by walking or running [Pellepeloton, Dec 12 2006]


       No. Hold the seat instead. Making the front wheel track where you want does require some practice.   

       You can also tip up the bike on the rear wheel just holding the stem.
raytork, Nov 15 2004

       I saw a thing once that you clipped to the handlebars that extended them back over the rear wheel, so you could comfrtably steer and push from behind.
5th Earth, Nov 16 2004

       Rather than swiveling about, maybe the bar could somehow telescope out of the end of the handlebar?   

       Quick-release pedals?
half, Nov 16 2004

       there's nothing more embarrassing than trying to walk along in cycling shoes with cleats (except perhaps falling over, whilst trying to balance in them at traffic lights).
neilp, Nov 16 2004

       Come to think of it, why can't the pedals on most bikes fold up flat against the crank when the rider isn't using them? It would solve this problem and also reduce the space required when storing or hauling a bicycle.
jurist, Nov 16 2004

       You could always get one of those suitcase bicycles.
harderthanjesus, Nov 16 2004

       [jurist], both folding pedals and quick release pedals do exist.
half, Nov 16 2004

       just hold onto the gooseneck, no problem.
Custardguts, Dec 12 2006

       Totally off topic, but since this idea has been resurrected I should take the time to thank [half] for introducing me to folding pedals. Exactly a year ago I purchased a new Montague Hummer folding mountain bike and specified the kind of folding pedals he linked. Thanks for the practical advice, [half].
jurist, Dec 13 2006


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