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Binaural telaud

Binoculars for the ears
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(Reminded of Doctor Who episode in which one of K9's antenna/ears is removed and moved a few metres away for better triangulation).

This is for when you need more sensitivity and better triangulation than a regular pair of ears provides. Consists of a pair of giant ear trumpets, whose large ends rise a metre or so above head height, and are spaced a similar distance apart. They are fitted with proportionally scaled fake ears to provide directional frequency filtering characteristics similar to regular ears.

Obviously some training would be needed to learn to interpret the wider than normal stereo field and the shifting of the directional frequency filtering towards the bass.

spidermother, Feb 01 2006

Acoustic locators of various kinds. http://www.dself.ds...M/COMMS/ear/ear.htm
Beautiful. [jutta, Feb 01 2006]

Mall_20Parking_20Gadget A possible solution to this... [spidermother, Feb 01 2006]

wagster's Say This Number Say_20this_20number
[Dub, Feb 01 2006]


       //Beautiful// I agree. Thanks [jutta]. So it's baked apart from the fake ears (I should have said pinnae, of course).   

       [edit] Japanese war-tubas! Can these be used to generate a directed brown note? Talk about flying by the seat of your pants. Yes, I know, the brown note is probably a myth.
spidermother, Feb 01 2006

       Fantastic! Both your idea and [jutta]'s link. I have been to visit the two huge concrete 'ears' in Kent, and fine pieces of work they are. Unfortunately you can't get to the focal point with scaffolding or somesuch contraption.
wagster, Feb 01 2006

       (Kinder to own idea on reflection). Another difference is the acoustic locators are direction finding, homing in on a single sound source, and must be pointed at the source, whereas the binaural telaud gives enhanced spacial / directional perception of sounds coming from any direction. Admittedly this distinction is mainly post hoc. (Feels frustration at not being able to put Latin words in italics. Faces imaginary support group, saying 'I, too, am a nerd'.)
spidermother, Feb 01 2006

       You get a bun just for the K9 memory - I must've missed that one... BTW You can hear Tom Baker voicing BT's land-line SMS-to-Speech service... So (thanks wagster) now you can record your own Little Britain "Good Bile"-type messages as well as old bits of Dr Who scripts. [link]
Dub, Feb 01 2006

       Warrior's Gate, part 2. Season 18, Episode 5.   

       ADRIC: Well I thought she went that way.
K9: Mass detection circuits indicate maximum reading on current vector. Probability of error...
ADRIC: Well what is the propability of error, K9?
K9: Recomputing... Probability of error 87.7948%
ADRIC: 87... But that's terrrible!
K9: The accuracy of this unit has deteriorated below zero utility.
ADRIC: You mean you're worse than useless.
K9: (calculates) Affirmative.
ADRIC: Perhaps you could teach me to detect mass.
K9: Zero feasability, young Adric. Mass detection dependent on articulated sensors. Thus.
ADRIC: Oh, I see. I suppose you use triangulation?
K9: Affirmative, young Adric
ADRIC: Then your accuracy depends on the distance between your sensors.
K9: Deduction is correct. To anticipate logically consequent question, affirmative
ADRIC: You stay where you are...
K9: Mass detection error resolved. Resume.

       I like the fact that a badly malfunctioning device can calculate its own probability of error to 6 S.F.
spidermother, Feb 02 2006


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