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Come-along boom box

"He shall have music wherever he goes"
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I don't know why nobody has made one of these before. We need a speaker that follows someone around! It would eliminate all concerns about having to turn the volume down when nearer and up when farther from your music.

The user would wear a little clip which basically broadcasts "I am here." It wouldn't even have to be powered, the speaker could send a pulse to which the clip resonates. Speaker is set to maintain a constant distance of whatever length from the clip, and thus the user. The speaker would have wheels for normal travel and hover jets for navigating stairways.

"Man, every time you come near me I hear the voices again..."

Psalm_97, Feb 16 2012


       // hover jets for navigating stairways //   

       So, you're saying that once vectored-thrust technology has been miniaturized to the point that it can allow an autonomous UAV to navigate hallways and stairs, the best application you can come up with is to mount a speaker on it so your music can follow you from room to room?
Alterother, Feb 17 2012

       Okay, scrap the hover jets. There are no stairs where I work anyway, and where I work is where I would be using the thing.   

       Or use quadrupedal legs instead of wheels, if you need it to go up and down stairs.
Psalm_97, Feb 17 2012


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