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Biodiesel Leaf Blower

I'd rather smell french fries..
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Every time Mow, Blow and Go arrive the smell of greenery is replaced by the reek of leaf blowers. A biodiesel powered one would not only smell better it would be 'greener' too! The time has come...
Steamboat, Dec 13 2013


       While I'm very much in favour of diesel-powered things. Diesel engines have a characteristic heft to them, diesel engines and myself have that in common.   

       For this reason, you wouldn't want a diesel engine strapped to your shoulders.   

       Also, it's the not petrol/gasoline that's the problem, it's the fact that they're nearly always 2 stroke... you're smelling incomplete combustion and burn lubricating oil. A 4 stroke engine would be a less smelly compromise, but they're nearly as heavy as diesels.
bs0u0155, Dec 13 2013

       It doesn't have to be a 4 stroke reciprocating diesel engine. Why not make a jet leaf blower with a ~4 stage axial compressor, that can run diesel, kerosene, Jet-A or any biofuel you want. It would be lighter and simpler because the blowing would be a byproduct of the engine itself.   

       Have we done a jet leafblower yet? I might have to post this.
DIYMatt, Dec 13 2013

       There are many possible leafblowers yet to be done including atmospheric chimney leafblower, Orion leafblower and mini-black-hole leafblower. OK, some of them suck, but it's the idea that counts.
pocmloc, Dec 13 2013


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