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Compressed-Air Powered Dyson-Fan Leaf Blower

Ditch the 2 stroke
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Compressed air has a similar energy density to, but a lot less complexity than, battery power. Now, if you need your leaves blowing (personally, I leaves them), you're going to need a leaf blower. These are traditionally noisy smelly 2 stroke contraptions. Although there are cordless, battery powered types. Their existence, and battery- compressed air parity, demonstrates the energetic feasibility of the device.

Now, you may wish to use the compressed air to power a turbine to move a centrifugal blower around and blow leaves around that way. You may also think: "I can direct the turbine exhaust into the main stream giving me a bit of a free lunch" which would be nice for you. This is where Mr Dyson enters the fray.

James Dyson, just occasionally, takes a break from reinventing the wheel, outsourcing jobs and looking smug, to yell at engineers until they make him a bladeless fan. This uses air, compressed by a fan, to move more air. It uses the Coanda; effect, or Bernouli effect.... somebody's effect at least.

If we put these two together, we can have a truly* bladeless air mover. Then, you are free to spend your Sunday mornings moving leaves around in a quieter manner, which will have the knock-on effect of informing fewer people that your marriage is dysfunctional.

*we're onto you Dyson, there's blades on the fan hidden in the base.

bs0u0155, Dec 13 2013

Inspired by... Biodiesel_20Leaf_20Blower
[bs0u0155, Dec 13 2013]




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