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Chainsaw Weed Puller

Liquefaction is your friend
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Pulling weeds is a pain! Ever stuck your arm in a vibratory tumbler? 200 pounds of wiggling rocks and your hand can slide right through. So remove the chain from the saw, sharpen the bar to a spike, chop the drive sprocket in half to make an eccentric weight and presto: chainsaw vibrator! Poke it in the soil next to the weeds and fire it up: soil vibrating in the area will 'liquify' and weeds will slide out with a gentle pull. Bonus: the whole root structure will come along for the ride.
Steamboat, Jan 14 2019


       It seems like typical soil will be less affected than sand or concrete, but I'd be happy to be wrong.   

       Maybe test this with a sawzall, though I suspect you want the probe to move less distance but vibrate faster. Or you can get a $99 concrete vibrator from Harbor Freight, or rent one for $35 for 4 hours. But I think you'll need to make a sharper point to use one of those in dirt.
scad mientist, Jan 14 2019


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