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Biological Flair Piece

Heart Rate Funk
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A simple collection of LEDs in various designs, colors and shapes hooked up to a small heart monitor. The clip on, pendant, badge, whatever would flash according to BPM. Flashing could be simply all lights on at each beat or more complicated patterns. A small button with racing lights phi phenomenon style would be my choice. Much more than a conversation piece, a whole new way to flirt. Dance lightly around risque subjects and watch your partner's display respond accordingly. Great for raves as those kids seem to like simple flashy things.
nizgy16, Dec 01 2002

Earrings in Sync With the Heart http://www.nytimes....hnology/02PATE.html
Of which [horripilation] spoke.
(Also features a randomly-inaccurate wrist-watch, reversible shoes, and a ski-jacket with a built-in air-bag.) [angel, Oct 04 2004]


       Bakeable, pointless, and contains flashing LED's. I love it!
RayfordSteele, Dec 01 2002

       Cripes, I sure do, thanks for the heads-up.
nizgy16, Dec 01 2002

       It is being baked even now. I saw a prototype for such a feature, but without the heart, at my old company. I hope this makes you feel better, not worse. Pastry though, especially for the heart.
Ludwig, Dec 02 2002

       Without the heart, what's the point? Then it's just a flashing light.   

       I like this idea, but you would of course have to prevent people controlling it themselves. "Of course i wasn't faking it, darling!"
sadie, Dec 02 2002

       If this is anything like earrings that blink with the wearer's heart beat, it is already patented (according to a NY Times article a day or two ago).
horripilation, Dec 03 2002

       "I really don't like talking about my flair."

       I'll take mine as a set of six, with programs for 3/4 and 4/4, straight, triples, and shuffles for whatever bpm at which I'm currently operating.
absterge, Dec 03 2002


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