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Cellular Automatonic Patterns

Wolfram's Rule 2049 would go nice on a bathroom rug
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[You need to be visually familiar with cellular automata for this to click] Some triangular-1D cellular automata's have such complex structure that they'd do just fine as a static button-up dress-shirt pattern, or wallpaper pattern; but what I'm really interested in is the motion, color, fractal stuff. That as an LCD floor tiling, ["LSD floor tiling" probably has the same connotation, tho i can't vouch personally], or... I don't know how feasible this is yet, but at some point programmable fabric is going to be on someone's back, & why not light it up with the mathematical structures that are approximations of the nature of the universe, just for self-similarity's sake?
redundantly_redundant, Nov 16 2002


       "Is that a core in your pants or..."
hippo, Nov 17 2002

       yea [jutta], that's my ysdlxiae kickin in again: i meant rule 2049, not 2094. (as my edited subtitle reflects.) i wish i could find an image on the internet to link to, but it's the full 68th page of Wolfram's "A New Kind of Science"; which if you dont have, consider yourself lacking an important religious doctrine. 2049 is 8 bit, but tri-color. (& 2049 < 3^8, so it's a meaningful rule.)
redundantly_redundant, Nov 17 2002


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