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Jewellery box appropriately designed for tacky bling
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My mother used to keep her jewellery in a box which contained a ballerina figure, who would spin slowly in sync with the benign tink, tonk music, when the lid was opened.

Bling-Box is an updated version of this container, suitable for storing the tacky baubles of a fashionable, metro-man. When you flip open its lid, a downwardly facing woofer, hidden under the box, begins pumping out a relentless bassy rap, but it has other hidden delights to compliment the theme.

Instead of the demur ballerina, a pole dancing figure twirls into animated action as the contents of the box bounce up and down in response to the throbbing beat.

xenzag, May 06 2007

jutta- Da Weasel? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Da_Weasel
[xandram, May 08 2007]

Pop goes the Weasel http://en.wikipedia...Pop_Goes_the_Weasel
The Eagle pub on the City Road in London's Borough of Islington, has a section of these lyrics inscribed on one of its outside walls.... aren't you glad you know this? [xenzag, May 08 2007]

[for 21 Quest] Snopes: How to catch a monkey. http://message.snop...owthread.php?t=6015
The source for the statements in my annotation. [jutta, May 08 2007]


       + but I'm thinking it should have some rapper pop out of the top.
xandram, May 07 2007

       Not a body piercing idea?
Noexit, May 07 2007

       //Not a body piercing idea? //   

       haha, no. It's so nobody can snatch your jewelley.
marklar, May 07 2007

       As opposed to jeweling their... never mind.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 07 2007

       Fantastic [+]
zen_tom, May 07 2007

       [xandram] "So, how did your career get started, MC Weasel?"
jutta, May 08 2007

       Good one, [Noexit]...   

       Now, does anyone have any ideas for a device to remove the beer left in one's sinuses after snorting it out one's nose?
m_Al_com, May 08 2007

       cool [jutta], a rappin' jack in the box?
(btw, this idea was just lying around until I churned it with Pop goes the rapper.) I know [xenzag] is happy because he deserves it!
xandram, May 08 2007

       //Now, does anyone have any ideas for a device to remove the beer left in one's sinuses after snorting it out one's nose?//   

       I would suggest a straw, perhaps a Shop Vac.
Noexit, May 08 2007

       In motivational speaking and in the book "The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", that configuration is a "monkey trap". (With the specifics of the monkeys and trap setters varying the way they do when people make stuff up.) A racoon trap similar to what you describe existed, but relied on a sharp nail to get the racoon stuck.
jutta, May 08 2007


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