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Bipedal Bicycle

Evolution of the bicycle from crawling to walking.
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Lift a bicycle upwards onto its rear wheel so it stands vertically. Attach a long pole with a foot or platform on the bottom to the outside of each pedal. You may have to drill a hole through the pole and use a longer bolt to thread through the pedal. The vertical bicycle should now stand supported by the two platformed poles.

Climb onto the pedals and hold onto the top of the poles for balance. Pedal the bicycle and move the poles accordingly with your arms simultaneously. The machine should walk. Find the perfect centre of balance and falling over should be mitigated.

rcarty, Sep 05 2011

"You again!" Grasshopper_20cycle
[normzone, Sep 05 2011]


       Illustration please. Preferably animated.
swimswim, Sep 05 2011

       The poles would slow you down - this device needs to be propoled solely by the foot pedals, or the pedal feet if you prefer.   

       And it's no longer a bicycle - a trikeped? Anyway, when the prototype is ready for testing, I'll walk over the other applicants for the honor of being your test pilot (does this job come with health insurance?)
normzone, Sep 05 2011

       I'm Canadian so I was slightly startled by the health insurance question.
rcarty, Sep 06 2011

       Oh, yeah, I hear you folks handle that differently than us, your immediate southern neighbors.   

       Well then, this should be fun. I'll inventory my pads and armor.
normzone, Sep 06 2011

       We'll do the first test run in the snow so it will be a soft landing, and any injuries will be automatically iced.
rcarty, Sep 07 2011

       Trying to figure out how this is functionally different from a set of stilts.   

       It's certainly in no way related to a bicycle.
MechE, Sep 07 2011

       Technically all I've done is suggested something along those lines. Although, I did actually lift a bike vertically as described.   

       It's a bit different from a set of stilts because the rear wheel of the bike can be used for stability and as a flywheel.
rcarty, Sep 07 2011

       //Trying to figure out how this is functionally different from a set of stilts.//   

       #1 - walking on stilts is too easy -- any old circus clown can do that.   

       #2 - try doing it when a BICYCLE is tied to the stilts, in a manner that specifically impedes the up-and-down movement of the stilts, and that throws your balance off too.   

       #3 - stilt'o'cycling. Like stiltwalking ang bicycling, but harder.
swimswim, Sep 07 2011

       I disagree with the appraisals recorded here. I bet the designer of the first bicycle was faced with similar discouragement when the first riders invariably fell over.   

       You will all wish you had medical insurance when this human powered mech crushes your pitifull flesh covered endoskeletons while I laugh maniacally from my perfectly balanced position upon the pedals, [normzone] excluded as he will have already died during testing.
rcarty, Sep 08 2011

       Twizz NOOOOOOOOO....
rcarty, Nov 18 2012

       Accidental annotation deletion
rcarty, Nov 18 2012

       I suppose you're going to say that the deletion of my annotation about the nun, the pole-vaulter and the halibut was 'accidental' too?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 18 2012

       I stilt don't get it.
pashute, Nov 19 2012

       It would be halibut out of habit, so not my vault.
rcarty, Nov 19 2012


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