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The Giraffemobile

A bicycle shaped somewhat like a giraffe
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Giraffemobiles differ from normal bicycles in several ways.

Most obvious is the long neck, rising up to a 'head' saddle on which the rider sits. The rider pedals a third wheel, connected by a chain to the lower front wheel.

There's a strong spring at the base of the neck. When the rider presses a lever on the handlebar, the neck lowers slowly for the rider to gracefully disembark, after first using some sort of catch to lock the neck in its 'grazing' position. When the rider gets back on, unlocking the catch causes the neck to spring back up eagerly, carrying the rider up to giraffe height once again.

A tail extends behind the rear wheel, with a counterweight on the end. This can be lowered to the ground to provide a touch of stability if the rider has to stop briefly, for example at traffic lights.

Advantages of riding a giraffemobile:

* Being higher up provides better visibility
* It also means that if a car hits your bike, you have a chance of jumping to safety
* You can peer in first-floor windows (or second-floor according to linguistic preference) as you ride along
*The extra weight of the counterweight and the neck and tail frame means riding is better exercise
* Riding a giraffemobile allows you to appreciate Christmas lights, bunting and other decorations at close hand
* You can stroke giraffes on the head, should you happen to pass any

Disadvantages of riding a giraffemobile:

* You need an extra-tall or extra-long garden shed to store it in
* Minor safety considerations

imaginality, Feb 06 2008

The Giraffemobile http://i171.photobu...y/Giraffemobile.jpg
A non-artist's impression [imaginality, Feb 06 2008]

Real giraffes aren't easy to control either http://www.news24.c...442_2265224,00.html
[imaginality, Feb 06 2008]

Doesn't bend at the neck http://www.bikerout...rchives/000077.html
..but no counterweights required. [DrCurry, Feb 06 2008]

Giraffemobile http://people.tribe...d-9ca4-8ae827927cf9
Not quite what you had in mind... [wagster, Feb 06 2008]

Giraffe facts http://www.puppetop...om/giraffe/Info.htm
All the giraffe-related info you could possibly want* (* where 'all' = 'some of') [imaginality, Feb 06 2008]


       1 bun for first floor second floor distinction. 1 bun for expression of joy. 1 bun for the illustration.   

       And a couple more buns for smaller points.
zeno, Feb 06 2008

       I was borderline, but your fine illustration won me over (+).
MisterQED, Feb 06 2008

       Looks terribly tricky to balance and negotiate turns with. Bun anyways.
RayfordSteele, Feb 06 2008

       another pc paint artist! I am ok with this design if you can explain how the weight of the rider isn't going to topple him over. and what Ray said.
dentworth, Feb 06 2008

       I like the idea but the kid kinda looks like he just burped, or something. Not exactly joyous I don't think. Anyway a +. nice drawing!
blissmiss, Feb 06 2008

       The whole weight/counterweight thing sounds needlessly complicated. Not that that is necessarily a criticism around here, of course.
DrCurry, Feb 06 2008

       a totally foolish idea, and the drawing looks like it was done by a drunk spider, all of which = [+]
xenzag, Feb 06 2008

       A right bunstravaganza!
wagster, Feb 06 2008

       According to the Giraffe Facts link, giraffes make various sounds including 'mewing, bellowing, loud coughing, snorting, moaning, snoring, hissing, and making strange flutelike sounds.'   

       A decent bellowing noise might be the most practical choice for the giraffemobile's horn sound, but for some reason I find myself drawn more towards either (a) a loud coughing sound or (b) a random selection from all of the above sounds.
imaginality, Feb 06 2008

       //giraffes make various sounds including 'mewing [...]//   

       {Steps outside with saucer of milk, says 'psspsspss', pauses, looks around}
{Looks up.}
pertinax, Feb 07 2008

       Sorta baked. Check out Burning Man pictures and start looking at some of the "art bikes."   

       Make it look like a giraffe why? So if two male riders encounter each other at the spring rut they can clunk each other with their heads?
elhigh, Feb 07 2008

       //It also means that if a car hits your bike, you have a chance of jumping to safety   

       or falling to your death?   

       I'd still ride it though.
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 08 2008


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