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pedaled street luge

cross between recumbent trike and street luge
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in the recumbent world are hi-perf vehicles called low racers. they're not low enough. not fast enough. Street luge is very low and very fast. the two must become one. i propose a lean/tilt-steered super low recumbent trike. the back can have an 6+- inch wheel with your head only mm away. just nigh the foot pegs, there would be a tiny spindled sprocket with minute pedals, the clip kind, for propulsion. of course, being so low profile would enable a ridiculous amount of coasting, so only hills would require any real attention to the pedals. But again, the super-low drag and low weight save a ton of work compared to an upright. Lance Armstrong would be jealous. Gas and Electric assist models would soon follow...fairings would eventually affect design and evantually rollbars, lights and automotive adaptations will make this a mainstream concept.
imthatwillguy, Jul 18 2004

Tripendo http://www.tripendo.com/EDEFAULT.htm
Lean steered recumbent trike [Pellepeloton, Oct 15 2006]




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