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Tasty squid-based snack product.
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It's likely that you're already familiar with the idea of a savoury 'sandwich' biscuit. In nearly all cases, the filling employed is cheese-based (see for example, the 'Ritz cheese sandwich' product).

For too long, cheese has held the monopoly in this market. There are many other tasty alternatives, and to this end I propose the concept of 'Bisquid' (international trademarks and patents pending).

The main ingredient in the filling will be reconstituted squid parts. These can be supplemented with other less expensive 'mechanically recovered' fish produce in order to keep costs down. The biscuits themselves will be flavoured/coloured using squid ink. In all other respects, the design will be comparable to it's cheesy counterparts.

cookster, Jul 11 2001

Dried Squid http://www.talay.or...r_stuff/sna_08.html
Dried squid is great with beer [hippo, Jul 11 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       It lasts forever because nobody will eat it.
Dewey, Jul 11 2001

       Dried squid snacks are well-baked. See link. I have a whole dried squid in my cupboard at home.
hippo, Jul 11 2001

       This idea has legs.
Aristotle, Jul 11 2001

       I think it sucks
Lemon, Jul 11 2001

       um .... hate to tell you but they've got this already in asia it just doesn't have the fancy name and label. but if you market it here... I think it 'll only sell @ asian bodegas.... great name and idea though... sorry already baked.
don cornelius, Jul 11 2001

       'Baked' you say...hmm. Okay, how about a chocolate-coated version ? I bet that hasn't been done yet.
cookster, Jul 13 2001

       [Sparky] : The beauty of the plan is that both the biscuit AND the filling are squid flavoured. It's a 'win/win' situation (unless you're a squid).   

       [UnaBubba] : Much as I like rice crackers, how can they ever hope to compete with a snack product which can offer a creamy squid filling ? It's a taste sensation !
cookster, Jul 13 2001


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