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Building A Better Cookie

Solves the chewy/crispy connundrum
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According to cookie experts, it is not yet possible to a create a mass-produced cookie that is at once chewy and crispy. Why? It's chemistry really. When sealed in an airtight bag, the moisture of the contents will equalize. A cookie baked with a crispy outside and a chewy inside will quickly lose these characteristics because some of the moisture of the inside will move to the drier "crust."

Refer to your grocer's snack aisle for proof: cookies clearly fall into either the chewy or crispy category with little variation -- save for the frosting, fillings, and mix-ins that may add some textural interest.

I propose a mass-produced cookie that solves this problem. Imagine this: you purchase a package of cookies that is divided into two distinct, resealable sections. On one side are crispy "shells" of cookies. On the other side are slightly smaller, chewy cookies. You pick up a chewy cookie, slip it into a crispy shell, and you take a bite. You've never head a cookie experience like this. The delicious crispiness gives way to tender deliciousness.

Diatonic, Jul 16 2009

The Bakeoff http://www.gladwell...9_05_a_bakeoff.html
Full article of "The Bakeoff," by Malcom Gladwell, published September 2005 in The New Yorker [Diatonic, Jul 16 2009]


       yay a post I can sink my teeth into [+]
FlyingToaster, Jul 16 2009

       Macaroons certainly have a textural experience all their own, but they are also sort of their own genre. I would even argue that the term "cookie" is kind of a cop out. And even in their textural complexity, they don't have quite the "crispy crumbly outside" and "chewy tender inside" that I believe much of the cookie eating public is missing out on.
Diatonic, Jul 16 2009

       Concave cookies with inserts? Sure, why not? [+]
shapu, Jul 16 2009

       I think this is a great idea. And I'm the biggest cookie lover on the planet.   

       I also think kids would love this. Yay! Cookie Coats!
blissmiss, Jul 16 2009

       From the Malcolm Gladwell article "The Bakeoff," published in the New Yorker, 2005:   

       "Smithson thought for a moment. 'You can have either a crispy, low-moisture cookie or a soft and chewy cookie,' she said. 'But you can't get the outside crisp and the inside chewy. We know that. The moisture will migrate. It will equilibrate over time, so you end up with a cookie that's consistent all the way through. Remember we did all that work on Mrs. Fields? That's what we learned.'"
Diatonic, Jul 16 2009


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