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BitTorrent Automatic Torrent Re-seeder

Helps keep torrents in good health
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BitTorrent (See link) is a very good way to download large, popular files. However, unlike HTTP, files that aren't popular are almost impossible to download. I propose a program for users willing to donate their idle time and bandwidth that will help re-seed torrents. You make a list of the locations of all the files that you have that have been downloaded with BitTorrent. It searches for the torrents to that file on a web site and evaluates the health of the torrent (the number of seeders/downloaders), and chooses which ones to re-seed, and which ones to super-seed. It would help keep torrents that aren't often downloaded available.
-----, May 16 2005

(??) Howstuffworks article on BitTorrent http://snipurl.com/exq0
[-----, May 16 2005]

HowStuffWorks: BitTorrent http://computer.how....com/bittorrent.htm
The first link, but now friendlier to redirect-aphobes [Acme, Jul 28 2005]

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       I see the problem, but I'm not sure that this is the ideal solution.   

       How about torrent files containing a link to a HTML/FTP mirror?
Acme, Jul 28 2005

       The reason I use snipurl is so I can count the number of people clicking the links.
-----, Jul 28 2005


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