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Quasirandom churn provides plausible deniability of piracy

download torrents and hide torrents with them
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This protocol would be added to the existing bittorrent protocol. A user specified (with a non-zero default if unset) degree of churn could be added to BitTorrent traffic.

BitTorrent trackers would add to torrent seeds random file chunks to be downloaded and discarded by the client. At the cost of 10% more bandwidth it would become impossible to prove whether a particular computer was set to download a particular file.


"churn" means movement of data: uploads and downloads.

A seed is the original file that tells your computer what a particular file to be downloaded via bittorrent looks like and where it might be found.

When I say chunks to be downloaded I mean the bittorrent client would connect to other bittorrent clients automatically looking for these random bits of files.

Voice, Feb 17 2014


       I generally know what bit-torrents are, but most of the words you used are gibberish, eg: "churn", "seeds" and whether "download" is meant from the client or host perspective.
FlyingToaster, Feb 17 2014

       Wikipedia article on Plausible deniability starts with this:   

       Plausible deniability is a term coined by the CIA in the early 1960s to describe the withholding of information from senior officials in order to protect them from repercussions in the event that illegal or unpopular activities by the CIA became public knowledge.   

       I think BitTorent. whoever "owns" it, has good political reasons to avoid being seen as the handmaiden of thieves or spies. Hard to tell.   

       The BitTorent Inc website has the slogan: "Delivering an Internet of Options, Not Rules" on it's splash page, but you might want to send them a polite letter and get their opinion on your idea. They might put a contract out on you or they might offer you a job.
popbottle, Feb 17 2014


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