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Maintain distributed sets with bittorent
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The idea is to use torrent files to define a set. All the seed of the file, will be part of the set. To become a member of the set, you just need to download the file (that will be small). For example you can take a text file, insert a short description of the set and then send to a torrent server. When you neet to contact a random member of the set, you just re-download the torrent and ask the torrent server for peer that are seed.
derte84, Nov 11 2009


       What is the meaning of "seed" in this context? I'm having trouble with the grammar of "All the seed of the file, will be part of the set" and don't know enough about bittorrent to compensate.   

       You can't enumerate the set, nor can you broadcast something to everybody in it. Right? Can you describe an application for which this mechanism would be useful?
jutta, Nov 11 2009

       @jutta: you'ra right, you can't enumerate the set and you can't broadcast to everyone. But you can broadcast to a random subset of peer in the set, and this is enough to many distributed algorithms to work (like gossip).   

       (when you have full downloaded the file you become a seed. If you have partially downloaded the file, you are a leech)
derte84, Nov 12 2009

       A studip use of it: send a dvd discount on random fans of tv serie or film Another: find a random peer that offer a particular web service
derte84, Nov 12 2009


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