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Downloader Virus

Computer Virus that downloads your favorite music
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A computer virus that spreads through email.

You receive a virus attachment in an email. It's from your friend so you open it.

It installs a P2P service on your computer. It makes the screen go black. It says "Tell me your favorite music, or I will delete your computer!".

You type in your favorite music, it downloads it. It orders you to listen to it.

WilliamSharkey, May 11 2007


       Then you tell the RIAA it wasn't you.
Ketchupybread, May 12 2007

       // or I will delete your computer! // You'd be amazed the amount of people that say that their computer has been deleted.   

       I like the idea of receiving an attache though.
marklar, May 13 2007

       I like the idea of a downloader being a virus... very intresting legally... setup with a torrent sites RSS add a few key words for auto downloading, that way its all out of your control. Then if a company/organisation appears and trys to sue.. it simply wasen't your fault it was a virus.
AbyssUK, May 14 2007

       Abyss - Yes - I had this idea for legal reasons. Thanks for explaining that, I should have.
WilliamSharkey, Apr 28 2009


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