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Bithmuth dithplay

All's I want for bismuth is my two foot screen...
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Would it be possible to use the iridescent oxidization layer and diamagnetic properties of a bismuth foil to create a full color display by physically morphing the shape of the screen to the angle at which it is being viewed?

I imagine that the images produced would be rainbowy, they wouldn't be crisp, and it wouldn't be cheaper or in any way better than current displays, but could it work?

Great for getting an inthtant hard copy of thcreenthotth. http://fun-pics.com...ocopier,monitor.jpg
[not_morrison_rm, May 18 2012]


       [bigthleep], your lithp ith thlipping.
Alterother, May 12 2012

       // "Dynamic iridethenth" gives hits for squid.//   

       There's your answer then. A 1500 x 1000 array of small aquaria, an array of electrodes and a little Pavlovian training and you're all sorted.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 12 2012

       With proper applicathion of current to the ink glandth, you won't need a printer. Great for getting an inthtant hard copy of thcreenthotth.
Alterother, May 12 2012

       "Igor, this cuttlefish has run out !"   

       "Thorry, Marthter, I'll jutht get ten thquid out of petty cath and limp down to the thopth for a freth one … "
8th of 7, May 12 2012

       Bun. Jutht Becauth. [+th]
Grogster, May 12 2012

       I don't know if it would would work but thith thoundth like a thplendid idea.[+]
Voice, May 24 2012


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