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Oh noes!
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--Removed by me, evilpickels--

EvilPickels, May 06 2005

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 9 http://www.graphiso.../archicad/teamwork/
They call this feature "Collaboration". Only intended for building design, not general purpose modeling. [Laughs Last, May 06 2005, last modified May 07 2005]


       This would be neat if it were more of a VR experience, and the modelers had avatars in the modeling environment (so others could 'see' what you were working on, to facilitate cooperative efforts, etc.   

       By chat, I'm guessing you mean actual voice chat, not keyboard, which would be tedious to switch back and forth btwn texting and modeling.
Soterios, May 06 2005

       Um... yeah... voice chat. :P lol, I guess so.
EvilPickels, May 06 2005

       How about, like, mental states superimposed, on this thing where you think and see what the other person is thinking. Ahhhhhh?????   

       yeah, kinda that stupid.
daseva, May 06 2005

       // If an employee was sick, he or she could be at home, or a thousand miles away in some far off place, but still be able to work!// Couldn't he or she just be at home being sick?
Basepair, May 06 2005

       Nice idea. Personally I constantly get the thought of being thousands of miles away when I should be in work. Also good to see you back again [EvilPickels].
hidden truths, May 06 2005

       [daseva] Your face is stupid. [basepair] The whole point is the person IS at home, but still doing the work.
EvilPickels, May 07 2005

       Catia also does collaborative modeling (CAD).
bristolz, May 08 2005


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