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Bleeding Tires

Tires that Bleed so you know where the hole is
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These tires have a layer of gel that upon the formation of a leak or a puncture, will leak out and create a colored area at the point of leakage allowing quick identification of the leak location allowing a proper and permanent repair to be made.
jhomrighaus, Dec 03 2006

Bleeding Bodywork Bleeding_20Bodywork
by me, which was inspired by po's [calum, Dec 04 2006]

bleedin' paper bleedin_92_20paper
[calum, Dec 04 2006]

Tire slime extra_20plyed_20w_2ftire_20slime_20tires
Same? [bungston, Dec 05 2006]


       [+] Maybe the gel could also be glow in the dark in case they get punctured at night.
acurafan07, Dec 03 2006

       and fluorescent as well for viewing with black light.
jhomrighaus, Dec 03 2006

       Could also be an aftermarket product in a can that you add to your tyres before inflation.
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 03 2006

       + I'm surprised to keep finding such practical ideas these days. Of course, my first thought was -- ooh, ooh... road graffiti.
xandram, Dec 03 2006

       much liked idea, but only if the fluid coagulates like blood, and the hole can look like a little fleshy wound because part of a tyre's fake epidermis is revealed with every cut. +
xenzag, Dec 03 2006

       It beats soap and water. [+]
Hunter79764, Dec 04 2006

       You mean, BandAid Adhesive Strips.   

       Doesn't that green stuff that they put in tires that automatically seals itself when it contacts air already do this?
twitch, Dec 04 2006

       Thats what I was thinking- if goo is already going to come out of the tire, shouldn't it seal the tire too? I was also thinking that if I had this on my car I would refill the tire at 12 to 15 times before I got it repaired. I doubt that there would be enough goo in the tire to sustain my bad habits.
Jscotty, Dec 04 2006

       Try taking a tire to a tire shop after having filled it with slime and see what kinds of dirty looks you get from the guys who have to try to repair the tire. It is a god awful mess and it must be cleaned out of the tire before a proper patch repair can be made. This is integral to the tire and only leaks out. Spare tires are attached to your car for a reason you know.
jhomrighaus, Dec 04 2006

       I used to run this stuff in my motorcycle tires, we called it elephant snot. It's primary purpose was to make a tire that was punctured go flat slowly instead of all at once, giving you time to slow down and get off the road.   

       Nothing like a flat tire on a motorcycle at 65 mph to make you feel alive - and too shaky to do anything for a few minutes.
normzone, Dec 04 2006

       This is really close to that terse little tire slime idea that recently was posted (link). It certainly has been received more favorably. I credit [jhomrighaus] winning prose style.
bungston, Dec 05 2006

       Well it is a little different, this tire doesn't seal itself, it just oozes gel so you can find the hole. I was actually trying for a different more half baked concept with this.   

       Would it help if it actually flung the red gel around in a spray of gore and ooze?
jhomrighaus, Dec 05 2006

       If the gel does not seal, would it not be an ooze with about 40 psi propelling it?
bungston, Dec 05 2006


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