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Bleeding Bodywork

"You've killed me scooter!"
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Like po's bleeding paper (link) but for cars, Bleeding Bodywork is a range of aftermarket, easily affixed body panels containing viscous liquid. Dings of door and dunts of bumper cause the membranous bodyork covering to rupture like skin, and ooze telltale coloured blood/slime/custard.
calum, Jul 18 2005

bleedin paper bleedin_92_20paper
by po. [calum, Jul 18 2005]


       especially fun at demolition derbies.
dentworth, Jul 18 2005

       Since this is being developed for aeroplanes, I don't see why not. The real version is cleverer - the fluid covers the crack and then sets to become a temporary repair. I don't think they've given much thought to the colour of the fluid yet, so bun.
moomintroll, Jul 18 2005

       //I don't think they've given much thought to the colour of the fluid yet// Oh, I bet they have - something that is pretty obvious, I'd say. [+]
TolpuddleSartre, Jul 18 2005


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