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Afterthought camera

Constantly records but saves only when asked to
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So you never miss that great picture. you get 4 minutes to tell the cam to keep the last shots. if nothing happens it goes into wait mode.
pashute, Jul 13 2011

Instant_20replay [hippo, Jul 13 2011]


       Many cameras do this for video, and did at least as early as 2008. (The one I'm thinking of is the Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1.) Canon's "Wonder Camera" concept camera, shown in 2010, did this for photos, with a 20-minute buffer, IIRC.
notexactly, Oct 04 2019

       Isn't this just a dashcam, or any security camera? And if it's a hand-held camera, the last 4 minutes are likely to show the inside of your pocket.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 04 2019

       This must surely have been fully baked by the mid 90's with some webcam apps.
Skewed, Oct 04 2019

       Yes, GoPro type cameras sort of do this
hippo, Oct 04 2019

       //constantly// can't really be true - there will be at the very least a frame-rate. And what about shutter speed, aperture, focus?
pocmloc, Oct 05 2019

       As [Max] indicated, most of the interesting stuff happens when you back is turned.
wjt, Oct 05 2019


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