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You might miss something!
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People wear contact lenses all the time, with impunity. We here at BUNGCO continue to marvel. And is it possible that with contact lenses one might not only correct deficiencies in visual clarity or iris color aesthetics, but also the split second of blindness that each of us endures many times each minute?

Yes, blinking. All kinds of things can and do happen while your eyes are closed. BUNGCO estimatoloigsts estimate that one loses 5% of ones visual perceptions during the time out eyes are closed. But with the mulchlike moisture retention provided by the contact lens, is it necessary for your lids to wipe across your eyes so often?

The BUNGCO Blinkproofer is a protuberant contact lens which juts so far out from the eye that blink or not, your lids cannot close over them. The eye stays open and with it your awareness.

bungston, Sep 06 2016

The Ludovico technique https://en.wikipedi.../Ludovico_technique
Not as benign as the Alexander technique ... [8th of 7, Sep 06 2016]


       You should call them "Ludovico Lenses".   

8th of 7, Sep 06 2016

       /Ludovico Lenses/ nice
bungston, Sep 06 2016

       I have had eye operations where they put a contact lens in my eye that doesn't allow me to blink. It's an incredibly painful experience.
lepton, Sep 10 2016


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