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Put LEDs in contacts
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Someone should create contacts with LEDs in them controlled either by a radio transmitter on the belt or perhaps a microphone. That way ya' could have yer eyes glow when you do the evil laugh and scare people. *muhahaha*
Skavookie, Sep 22 2000

LEP collider at CERN http://map.web.cern...ERATORS/LepAcc.html
Make your eyes (and everything else) glow. [phoenix, Sep 22 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

"White UV contacts that glow in the dark" http://www.lensesby...nses_-_white_uv.htm
(of which [StarChaser] spoke, all those years ago) [angel, Nov 05 2004]


thumbwax, Sep 22 2000

       Then your SO could look deeply into your... sony ads!
amadeus, Sep 22 2000

       Of course, you'd be blinding yourself...
bookworm, May 28 2001

       Could there be a material that is reflective only for exactly the wavelength emitted by the LED?
jutta, May 28 2001

       Actually, I believe that there are such materials. (Like blue-blocking sunglasses). Combine this with micro-sized LED's and 'voila!   

       Pretty cool!
amsmith170, Aug 08 2001

       I think it would actually be better to have the contacts be made out of a glow in the dark material, and be designed more like the popular colored contacts. Where the first layer of paint was black, and the second was the glow in the dark paint, and only over the iris not the pupil. This would keep you from blinding yourself.
beansnow, Sep 25 2001

       LEP's would be better, neon like glow.
I figured out the power problem, just run wires around the eyeball, thru the nasal cavity hooked up to a couple of 'Eveready' jammed up your hooter.
darndog, Sep 26 2001

       Large Electron Positron collider?! Well, there'd definitely be a glow...
phoenix, Oct 25 2001

       Glow in the dark contact lenses exist. I found them while looking for some things for my brother...Don't have the link at work, unfortunately.
StarChaser, Oct 27 2001

       Yeah, light-emittin polymers would be fun. Unfortunately, if you're still capable of seeing while they're on, you probably don't have featureless orbs glowing a rather worrying yellowish, or flame red, or whatever.
Chrontius, Nov 05 2004


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